A credit history that is not green prevents us from accessing loans, lines of credit , etc. When we face this situation and see that our finances tremble and we need money, it is easy to be deceived. Yes, cheated! and there are pseudo-companies will offer you miracles: how to erase your credit history.

If someone has offered you this possibility: Reject the offer! Here we tell you why and teach you how to clean your credit history step by step.

No one can erase your credit history instantly

No one can erase your credit history instantly

Those who offer to erase your credit history overnight all they are doing is cheat on you. Credit history cannot be deleted in a short time.

Companies that are under this modality usually ask you for money and financial data to proceed with their “miraculous method”. What they finally do is steal money and financial information (the worst!).

What to do if I have a bad credit history?

What to do if I have a bad credit history?

P aso 1: Try to catch up on your payments

Step 2: Talk to the financial institution to whom you owe to reschedule payments or obtain solutions.

Step 3: Go to a debt repair company that puts together a plan to pay off your debt.

The latter could also get a loan so you can improve your credit history . But his help is not going to erase your negative history either by magic.

Important data about credit history

Important data about credit history

1. If your credit history was red, even if you pay off your debt tomorrow, the history will not be cleaned up immediately.

2. The information of a “unpaid” debt will remain in the risk centers for up to five years, from its maturity.

3. If you delayed a couple of months in your payments and catch up on them, ask for a non-debit letter to the bank, take it to Infocorp and help clean up your history.

4. Review your Infocorp report , periodically It’s free!

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