When entering the financial world to, among other things, make the savings profitable, and position yourself as an investor willing to make a succulent return to the savings of a lifetime or to the money that remains almost static in the bank, it can be done with different attitudes, from a greater risk aversion or with the aim of looking for safer projects.

These attitudes characterize both the type of lender and the decision on the type of financing chosen (direct financing, private financing, etc.) giving rise to Y is that there are different profiles of investors according to the capabilities, needs and objectives of each. But what are they?

Types of investors according to risk

Types of investors according to risk

There are several types of investors that we can find in the market according to the type of risk they are willing to take. On the one hand there are those dynamic investors, those money lenders willing to obtain a high return because they accept to assume a high risk in the investments made.

On the other hand, there are also those with a more moderate profile and a lower risk aversion; Y. And finally we find those considered conservative, those who admit to obtaining low profitability because what they are looking for is the lowest possible risk.

Invest in business projects in Good Finance. Good Finance rating.

Invest in business projects in Good Finance. Good Finance rating.

In Goodbank, we know that the knowledge of the risk by the investor is fundamental, and that is why we have one of the best valued tools in the market: Good Finance Rating, which considers, among other factors, the risk that will run the investor This results in a project rating between A + and F leading the investor towards its final decision.

That is why in this post we want to talk about the business project with the highest rating obtained by Good Finance. It was a very succulent proposal for all types of investors and especially for those with a more conservative profile when investing their money in business projects.

Invest in highly valued business projects

The project consisted of financing destined to a company belonging to the sector of the wholesale trade of hardware items that requested the collaborative loan in order to obtain a working capital of € 75,000 for the purchase of stocks. After the analysis carried out by Good Finance, he obtained a rating of ‘A’ within the rating rating, a very favorable rating, the highest obtained so far, making it a succulent business project to invest in.

The loan application was quickly completed with nothing more and nothing less than 100 investors who will obtain a return of 5%, obtaining the corresponding interest on a monthly basis up to a period of 6 months.

Investing in this business project was a very convincing option since it had several factors that made it quite attractive. It was a company that already had extensive experience in the sector and a favorable evolution, which led to a high rating in Good Finance. The loan term was 6 months which will allow investors to recover their investment in less than a year and at an interesting interest of 5%.

Investing in business projects within the Good Finance platform has the benefit of being able to assess what your preferences are when investing, and based on them select that option that you find most attractive and according to the expectations of each in relation To manage your money.

And you? What type of investor are you? Find out by knowing how to be a money lender and our projects.

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